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OpenWeatherMap Requests

Python package to fetch data from using Requests and Requests-cache and get Pandas DataFrame with weather history.

Command Line Interface Usage

Current weather

Get current weather data

$ python --lon 0.34189 --lat 46.5798114

Historical weather data by lat/lon

Fetch historical weather data from nearest weather station of coordinates (lon=0.34189, lat=46.5798114) using:

$ python --lon 0.34189 --lat 46.5798114 --dtrange 20150101:20150801

Historical weather data by place

Fetch historical weather data by place name using:

$ python --place Poitiers,FR --dtrange 20150101:20150801

Library Usage

import datetime
import logging
logger = logging.getLogger()
from openweathermap_requests import OpenWeatherMapRequests

ow = OpenWeatherMapRequests(api_key='', cache_name='cache-openweathermap', expire_after=5*60)

# Historic weather by lat/lon

(lon, lat) = (0.34189, 46.5798114) # Poitiers

data = ow.get_weather(lon=lon, lat=lat)  # display current weather data

stations = ow.find_stations_near(lon=lon, lat=lat, cnt=10) # get 10 nearest stations from coordinates (lon, lat)

station_id = stations.iloc[0][''] # get station_id of nearest station

start_date = datetime.datetime(2014, 1, 1)
end_date = datetime.datetime(2014, 6, 1)

data = ow.get_historic_weather(station_id, start_date, end_date) # get historic weather from start date to end date by station_id

# Historic weather by place
place = 'Poitiers,FR'
data = ow.get_historic_weather(place, start_date, end_date) # get historic weather from start date to end date by place


From Python package index

$ pip install openweathermap_requests

From source

Get latest version using Git

$ git clone
$ cd openweathermap_requests
$ python install


$ pip install git+